About Coulombe Perfume


bride getting ready


Van Morrison sings Crazy Love as you sway to the rhythm - the love & joy of the day weighing on your heart with the lights twinkling in the trees. The sun has set, the champagne fountain whittled down, and the feeling of peaceful happiness sets in.

You lay your head on your partner's shoulder and feel the warmth of a celebrated love - one that will last forever.

Through scent association - just like lilacs reminding you of summer or vanilla reminding you of grandma’s baking - you can intentionally connect memories to perfume. Every time you inhale The Wedding Perfume, the part of your brain that processes emotion & memory will connect that scent to your surroundings. The music, laughter, the smile on your love’s face, and the feelings that don’t quite translate into photographs.

The Wedding Perfume was created to hold those memories of love & joy on your wedding day for years to come. Named after my grandmother, I hope this bottle sits on your vanity and every time you wear it, you’ll close your eyes and let the memories wash over you as you smile and reminisce.