Wedding Makeup - Glowing Skin How-To

When I married my love, I went with a soft makeup look that was very natural and simple which I absolutely loved! Janna, of Behind The Blush, was so kind to share her process for creating that effortlessly, beautiful look. 
• As a makeup artist and one of the owners of Behind the Blush, a hair and makeup service company, I love giving suggestions of bridal makeup looks that incorporate trends as well as will stand the test of time. I would say for this summer, glowing makeup is still a huge trend and I am not complaining about it. Clients tend to come to me for that "Janna Glow" and I love creating makeup looks so that your skin looks beautiful in photos. If you have beautiful glowing skin then that will match a more simple eye/bold lip or smoky eye look. Our brides tend to want that glowing and defined look and I wanted to share some of my favorite tips and products to help achieve that look!
Skin: Make sure your skin is in the best shape possible that it can be by booking in skin clarifying treatments like microneedling and then follow that up with using acid toners so that your skin is brighter and more clear. If you have beautiful skin on your wedding day that means you can wear less face makeup and your look will last even better throughout the day. I would recommend visiting your dermatologist or a medi-spa like Hemingway here in Edmonton to get information and services specifically for your skin concerns.
Prime: Use primers/moisturizers that are more glowing on the high points of your face like forehead temple, cheekbones, and brow bones. You want to create a luminosity on the high points of your face and then keep the center of your face (your T-zone) more matte so that in photos you don't look greasy. I really love the Cover FX Illuminating Primer and then a product that I just became obsessed with is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and it comes in so many shades that you can find the perfect glowing shade for you. I will use either product as a primer on the highpoints and then for those of you with drier skin types, you can use the products mixed in with your foundation.
Layer: When I am doing makeup on clients for a photoshoot or a big event like their wedding, I typically use cream products like cream bronzer, contour, blush, and highlight and then follow that application with setting the cream products with a powder version of that product. When you set the cream with the corresponding powder product type then the makeup will last so much longer throughout the day. I always go back to my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow as it has a universal contour/bronze color along with a stunning highlight color. Right now I am also loving the MAC Hyper Real Glow Palettes as it comes in several shades and gives the skin a glowing glossy look.
Set: After your makeup is done you want to ensure it will last as long as possible throughout the day so this is when I bring out the big guns - the Ben Nye Final Seal to make your look water and sweat proof. This isn't a spray for every day but for big events, it makes your look last all day. I've even jumped in a pool when wearing it and my makeup was perfect still! Another concern throughout the day is SPF and how to reapply it so you don't get sunburnt during your photos and I have always recommended that my clients pick up the Supergoop SPF50 setting spray that I found at Anthropologie of all places! With the SPF being in spray form it makes it very easy to spray on throughout the day!
Written by Janna of Behind The Blush • Photos by Nicole of Nicole Ashley • Photographed for The Kindle Workshop