Wearing Perfume To Remember Your Wedding Day

You want to remember the experiences of your wedding day for years to come. So imagine that looking through the photographs of your day is like watching the movie of your wedding, as they show you exactly what to remember. Similarly, scent association is like reading the book - your inherent memories will come flooding back as you inhale the perfume time & time again.

Scent is so closely linked to the part of our brain that processes emotion and memory. This natural connection gives us the opportunity to consciously associate a fragrance to an event or experience in our life for later recollection.

A couple ways to use scent to remember...

  • Wear a new scent: It’s important to wear a perfume that is completely new on your wedding day, essentially becoming your wedding day perfume. That way, your brain hasn’t been introduced to it yet and is therefore not making any connections or memories from the past.
  • Where to apply: Applying perfume to parts of the body that naturally warm up will encourage the scent to drift into the air. Think the décolletage, your wrists, inside your elbows, behind your knees, and even around your ankles. Lastly, don’t forget to spritz your hair as the strands will hold the scent, making the fragrance last longer.
  • Take everything in: When using scent as a memory trigger, it always comes back to fully embracing the moment you’re in. Take in the smiling faces, the bistro lighting hanging in the trees, and Ray Lamontagne’s You are the best thing playing through the speakers. Slow yourself down so you can fully take it all in while you breathe in the scent of your wedding day perfume and feel the contentment of a beautiful life.


Photo by The Toth's Photo & Film