The Wedding Perfume Video



On December 12, my husband and I drove to Calgary to create this video. I was excited and nervous. This being the day we would bring The Wedding Perfume to life, I was about to meet five people with creative passions and very kind hearts. 


We pulled up to a beautiful loft in downtown Calgary and found our way to the New York-inspired bridal boutique, Pearl & Dot. I had been emailing Alyssa, the owner, for over a year - she was supportive and excited from day one. I couldn't have imagined a more caring & inspiring woman. This was the bridal boutique of my dreams and Alyssa is nothing short of extraordinary. 


Taylor, our charming model, is a bridal stylist at Pearl & Dot. Her warmth and smile were exactly how I envisioned a bride experiencing The Wedding Perfume the morning of her wedding day. And with her graceful twirls, she was a vision in white. 


As she curled Taylor's hair and brushed on her lipstick, Jamie-Lee had an elegance about her. She truly cared about what we were all creating together that day and I couldn't be more grateful. 


Sancia & Mitchell were beyond amazing. As a husband and wife team, I found their dynamic inspiring. With Sancia on the lens and Mitchell behind the video-camera, they found the light and took the shots I could only dream of. Their art is capturing moments in time for later recollection, my most valued form of art. 


I truly can't believe how excited & happy everyone was to collaborate on something they had yet to experience. The part of this perfume journey that has been the most incredible, is connecting with such creative and compassionate people. 


It was a dream come true working with these individuals on this video. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 


Alyssa at Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique 

Taylor at Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique

Jamie-Lee at Makeup by Jamie Lee and Blush & Coco 

Sancia & Mitchell at The Toth's Photo & Film