The Wedding Perfume Notes

Inspired by lush and charming rose gardens, the allure of France and elegant women.

Ethereal, romantic and feminine.

When dreaming up The Wedding Perfume, I wanted the bride to feel exquisite while wearing it. For her to spritz the perfume in her hair, on her décolletage and wrists. And as she inhaled, she would think of her love waiting for her while she slipped on her dress and applied her lipstick.

The Wedding Perfume is a romantic floral scent with notes of fresh bergamot, lemon petitgrain, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley and mimosa blossom. It dries down softly with ambers, sandalwood, and vetiver for an elegant and sensual perfume.

Bergamot, squeezed from the peel of the fruit. Origin: Italy.

Lemon petitgrain, distilled leaves and immature fruit of the lemon tree. Origin: Italy.

Rose damascena, harvested in the morning. Considered the “Queen of the Flowers.” Origin: Turkey.  

Jasmine, harvested late in the evening. Considered the “King of the Flowers.” Origin: India.

Lily of the valley, a molecule crafted in a lab as lily of the valley does not have a natural extraction.

Mimosa blossom, vibrant yellow blossoms of rare beauty. Origin: France.

Ambers, made in a lab from a molecule in French clary sage.  

Sandalwood, comes from the bark of a tree native to India and Australia. Origin: Australia.

Vetiver, steam distilled from the root of the plant. Origin: Haiti.

Crafted in Grasse, France, and bottled in Alberta, Canada.


Photo by Matthew Land Studios