The Wedding Perfume Ingredients

The Wedding Perfume is a mix of natural botanical extracts (essential oils and absolutes) and nature-identical molecules that are modeled after natural molecules but are instead made in a lab. We chose to create our fragrance this way, as one of the most important factors was longevity, given that brides were not likely to re-apply multiple times throughout their wedding day.

Completely natural fragrances do not have the tenacity to hold up for many hours like a perfume composed of a mixed palette, with both naturals and synthesized molecules. Our perfume was created under strict IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards, plus EU safety regulations, which combined is of the highest standards in the world for safety.

Creating with natural ingredients is very important to us, so we have kept the percentage of naturals at a maximum level while still respecting how the fragrance performs in terms of longevity on the skin.  

In the post I wrote about The Wedding Perfume Notes, I detailed the fragrant ingredients that go into the formula. There are a few more ingredients that make up the perfume in its entirety.

  • Perfumer’s Alcohol - This is the medium we use to preserve, blend & stabilize the ingredients. It also disperses the scent molecules into the air, so you and others close to you can smell it.
  • DPG (Dipropylene glycol) - This ingredient helps the scent last longer on the skin and is a safe synthetic used in perfume formulas.
  • Water - This is added to slow the rate of evaporation and soften the drying effect of alcohol on the skin.

The Wedding Perfume was created by a talented Perfumer in Grasse, France, with extensive knowledge in the world of naturals and nature identicals. We adhere to safety guidelines, and the perfume is mixed in a cosmetic lab. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure dilutions are accurate and the formula will perform at its best.


Photo by Matthew Land Studios