The Inspiration

Every summer, the fragrance of blooming lilacs takes me back to my childhood. Playing in the backyard with my younger sister, the sun warming our golden hair. Over the years, I have experienced many scents reminding me of past experiences - vanilla in grandma’s baking, my mother’s perfume, and the smell of Zest soap reminding me of my father.

We all have these scent associations because our sense of smell is closely connected to the part of our brain that processes emotion and memory. Without really realizing the science behind it, I wanted to create a perfume that my two engaged girlfriends could wear on their wedding days. Knowing how lilacs reminded me of my childhood, sometimes vividly, I knew the perfume would remind them of their special day.

While I was a little too late to have it ready in time, the idea stayed with me. I had crafted many natural beauty products over the years and attended a perfume class that I loved. So, I started mixing, blending and researching perfume to craft a beautiful scent for brides. And while I would have loved to call myself a perfumer, that title is reserved for the ones that diligently train for years after attending prestigious perfumery schools (most often in Europe!).

Once I put the oils & essences back into the cabinet, I searched for a perfumer that would connect to the idea I had been dreaming up. After a couple of months, I found Jessica - a Canadian now living in Grasse, France. Grasse is a romantic city of perfume culture, fields of roses and the majestic sea. She could imagine the woman I was creating this perfume for and connected to the idea of using perfume as a way to remember the moments we cherish most.

I knew the bride that would connect to The Wedding Perfume valued the simple joys of life - her family, her adventures and the love that made her world go round. A little wild, very ambitious and elegant with a kind heart.

Along with the beauty of such a graceful woman, I drew inspiration from the allure of France and a lush garden. A garden where you could wander into and find a swinging chair to sit upon as a warm breeze carried the scent of rose.

The Wedding Perfume is a romantic floral scent with notes of fresh bergamot, lemon petitgrain, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley and mimosa blossom. It dries down softly with ambers, sandalwood, and vetiver for an elegant and sensual perfume.

It has been my greatest pleasure to pursue this idea and connect with women along the way. I hope The Wedding Perfume will hold the memories of your day as you kiss, dance and relish in the warmth of a beautiful life filled with love.


Photo by The Toth's Photo & Film