The Coulombe Bride

A love song, exquisite and graceful.

A bride, warm and expressive.

Planning the details of a simplistic and elegant affair.

Intimate and memorable.

Her style is classic and timeless.

She is molding a life of intention, compassion and beautiful experiences.

Her soulmate and loved ones.

Twinkling lights, Van Morrison love songs, happy guests.

She finds contentment as she sways across the dance floor with her love.

Living in the moment wholeheartedly as she throws her head back with an infectious smile.

Her memories captured for years to come.

“These Are The Days Now That We Must Savour

And We Must Enjoy As We Can

These Are The Days That Will Last Forever

You’ve Got To Hold Them In Your Heart”

  • Van Morrison


Photo by The Toth's Photo & Film