Remembering My Wedding Day

It's the quiet moments that we yearn to hold onto, the ones that don't always make it into the treasured photographs sitting on our bedside table, the moments that are more of a feeling than anything else.

I remember on the morning of my wedding day, I woke up and turned to my sister lying beside me. We had shared a bed for what felt like the last real time we ever would. Those first few moments as the sun peeked through the window and we lay there still, I felt so much. I felt the love for a younger sister who was going to celebrate my next chapter with me. I felt the tiny heartache of moving on from the only stage in life I had ever known, and I felt the excitement: the excitement of later dancing to Van Morrison's love songs with the boy I met in Grade 7.

I hold a handful of these beautiful memories and I think back to them and feel such contentment - that sense of peaceful happiness that warms your body.

To me, that is everything that day is meant to be - filled with these quiet moments of love and life's beauty. Everyone tells you before the big day to savor it, "the whole day goes by in the blink of an eye" and it's true. You have to make that conscious effort to hold those moments in your memory and one day something will recall them. A song, a facial expression or, say, a scent.

The beautiful thing about scent is that it has that effect on our memory. It captures that moment and the way we felt so that one day it'll come flooding back.

If you connect a scent to experiences, you're giving your mind another chance at remembering them in the most natural way they happened. It's an incredible way to live your life - fully feeling those most joyful experiences and tying them to a liquid housed in a glass bottle that will sit on your vanity holding the magic of your story.


Photo by Malea Ellett