Coulombe - My Grandmother's Legacy

My grandmother was a magnificent woman. She was warm, kind and beautiful. As a young girl, I admired her for many things, but the one thing I have always held onto was the gracious warmth she offered the world. Aimeè had a sweet disposition to her, a tender smile welcoming you in. With her silken grey hair and blue eyes, she was elegant and graceful.

Aimeè Coulombe was her maiden name before she fell in love with a man named Clarence, with whom she raised a family of 6 children. What I knew of my grandmother was everything I wanted to be as a woman: gracious, kind and loving. She lived to be 75 when breast cancer took her, and despite being 5 years old at the time, I’ve always felt a strong connection to her growing up.

I wanted her legacy to live on, bringing joy and warmth to women’s lives, encouraging them to slow down and savor the love.

Here’s to the women who love hard and live the lives they dream of. Here’s to strength, happiness, and beauty in all its forms.

Here’s to my grandmother, Aimeè.


Photo by The Toth's Photo & Film