Choosing A Wedding Perfume

Your wedding day perfume wraps you in a veil of beauty, grace & elegance while preserving your memories for years to come.

You carefully choose your wedding photographer to be certain that they understand who you are as a couple and for the heirloom-quality photographs they’ll capture. These photos will hang on your walls, sit on your bedside table and be preserved for many years.

And similar to your photographer, the perfume you wear will capture the feelings and hidden moments of the beautiful day and exude your scent style.

There are a few fragrance families to choose from: fruity, green, herbaceous, gourmand, oriental, woody and floral.  

And, there are a couple of ways to make it easier on yourself:

  • Smell perfumes you currently have on your vanity to see which fragrance family you tend to enjoy most.
  • Think of the wedding you’ve planned. Think of your venue, dress, flowers and the kind of love you share with your fiancé. This will inspire you to decide on how you want to smell that day. While there are many choices, you can often request or purchase samples of perfumes that interest you based on the description or story it tells.

If anything at all, remember to wear a perfume on your wedding day. It’ll capture the moments that you hope to never forget.


Photo by The Toth's Photo & Film