Like lilacs reminding you of summer days, you can intentionally connect memories to perfume. Every time you inhale The Wedding Perfume, the part of your brain that processes emotion & memory will connect that scent to your wedding day. The music, laughter, the smile on your love’s face and the feelings that don’t quite translate into photographs. It's all saved for you in a glass bottle that will forever sit on your vanity.

The Wedding Perfume
About Savanna About Coulombe

The light & elegant scent of The Wedding Perfume is exactly what I imagined wearing on my wedding day. It's bridal, romantic, sensual and fresh all at the same time.

• Lauren

The Wedding Perfume was one of my favourite details. It is invisible yet an unforgettable accesory. Nothing brings back a memory like a fragrance.

• Halee

I just loved the idea of wearing a new scent for the wedding. I ordered a sample and immediately fell in love with it! 

• Ashley